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MVP - Mark’s Video Productions

2023 Josey Jr World Videos

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This is where you order your runs for all 3 arenas at The 2023 Josey Jr World!  Your video will come to you as a HD Digital Download link via text and email in regular speed & slow-motion! (DVD not available) - $20.00 Per Run

*Note - When ordering one run, please fill in your information and then click "Buy Now".  If you are ordering more than one run, please click "Add to Cart" and make the adjustments for each of your other runs that you would like to order. 

**Attention - There is NO WEBCAST!  The internet at the Josey Ranch is not strong enough to support it.  It has been reported to me that some scammers are putting up links on Facebook for a paid webcast.  Do NOT fall victim for their scams!

***The internet at the Josey Ranch is not strong enough to support uploading videos.  I will try to upload what I can at the hotel in the evenings, but that internet is not very speedy either.  So when ordering your videos please know that it could be next Tuesday or Wednesday before you will receive them.  I will get them to you as fast as I can.  I do process orders in the order that they were received, and once again, I will get them sent out as soon as possible!  Calling, emailing and texting me during the show for the status of your order does not speed up the process.  It actually slows the process down.  I promise you that we will process the orders as fast as I can!